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Introducing Members Advantage

I am excited to announce that Members Advantage, our new membership offering, is available this August.  Consultants, clients, and prospects collaborated with us to produce a top-notch solution, suited for large, complex organizations as well as smaller clubs. 

AdvantageCS has long been recognized for excellent publishing software solutions.  First developed in the late 1970s for a book publisher, followed by a magazine publisher, Advantage has evolved into a suite of products which manage everything from digital entitlements to subscriptions to ebook sales to conference registrations to continuity series to donations, and on the list goes. 

And now we’ve enhanced our membership management capabilities to meet the needs of enthusiast clubs, non-profits, professional associations and societies.  So… exactly what’s new? Glad you asked!

  • Member self-service, applications, dues payments, membership renewals, and other member activities at a members’ portal
  • Support for national and local chapters
  • Continuing education credit tracking
  • Closer integration with conferences and events capabilities within Advantage
  • Online directory support
  • And much more!

Advantage has supported the publishing operations of membership organizations for years.  But the current market need is a solution for membership management and publishing.  Most existing membership systems don’t provide strong publishing capabilities, whereas publishing systems fall short in the membership area. 

Enter Members Advantage---powerful functionality in both arenas.

We would love to show you Members Advantage and see if it meets your needs.  Please contact us using the red envelope contact form on this screen and we’ll line you up for a product demonstration as soon as possible.

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