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Dan's Blog: Invite Us Over for Dinner and We'll Look at Your Leaky Faucet


How many of us have ever dreamed of having a chiropractor in the family?  Or a carpenter?  Or a mechanic?  As it turns out that neither my wife nor I are any of these things, I have often mused at how nice it would be if one of our offspring would fall in love with such a person.  I can just imagine inviting the kids over for dinner and just mentioning a drippy faucet we have in a sink upstairs to the now-fed plumber and hearing those magical words, "Why don't I go and have a look?"

Perhaps others of us wish we had a computer expert in the family.  Most of my colleagues with aging parents become the de facto helpdesk for their parents' computer issues.  When I go visit my father and watch him at his computer, I am sometimes amazed at the habits humans form which cause us to do things which later become completely unnecessary.  I'm sure I do similar things, and when someone stands over my shoulder and watches me at my laptop they probably cringe at my inefficiencies.

We often visit clients and discover that they don't use the latest features in Advantage, but continue doing things in an old way.  The user is unaware of an easier way to accomplish the same thing.  For many clients, they received training on a prior version of Advantage and haven't carved out the time to keep up with all the new enhancements and features introduced continuously throughout each year.  I'll never forget one occasion where I was visiting a client with a prospect, and a "superuser" of Advantage showed some customer service transactions.  Instead of using the value list on the publication field, she looked at a cheat-sheet she had printed up to find the publication code there.  She even admitted as she did it to the horrified prospect that "Dan will want to strangle me for doing this, but..."  She was aware that there was another, more efficient way to find the information, but was accustomed to her own way.

We have a method for helping our clients use Advantage in the most efficient way possible - it's called the Operations Review.  Basically, we come over and inspect your operation - the business version of your leaky faucet.  We go looking for signs of inefficient use or workarounds that are unnecessary.  We tease out issues that might already have solutions in the software.  We watch people actually use Advantage, and we make recommendations for procedural adjustments that might save time and money.

Advantage is enterprise software and has thousands of features.  It is challenging to know everything about it.  But it is important to know about new enhancements and features so that you can be more efficient and provide better services to your customers.  The Operations Review was created exactly for that. 

When was the last time you had an Operations Review from AdvantageCS?  If your faucet is overdue for an inspection, please contact your Account Manager and let's get it on the schedule.


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