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Is Book Club Right For You?

There's a lot of competition out there. So, let's hold on to those customers we have and move them into a more loyal and active relationship with our organization, our web site, our content, our interests.

How to do that? Well, one way is to get them involved with a continuity series. A continuity series allows customers to purchase a set of related products that are released to them sequentially over a period of time. Customers join a club (they become members) by responding to your offers to join, or you can select people and automatically add them. Continuity programs give you the opportunity to periodically remind customers of your brand; the customer gets more exposure to your content and they get to "belong" to a club. Throw in some premiums and it's a recipe for happy, loyal customers.

You can use Advantage's Book Club module to create, run and manage these continuity series.

Continuity series are probably most common with consumer-type customers. However, there are many applications for them in the business and academic realms as well. You could easily build a Continuing Professional Education, or Certification type of program around a continuity series.

Once customers have joined a club (called a product series), processes in the Book Club module automatically:

  • determine which product or products they should receive next
  • generate orders within the MST/Product Order modules to fulfill them

Customers respond to these orders by sending payment or returning the product. Their participation record is updated as these responses are received/processed. You can adjust product offerings and the timing of order generation accordingly to determine the most effective series.

Book Club gives you lots of room to be creative with the offerings ? different products, premiums, pre-notifications, timing, pricing, even sweepstakes ? and lots of flexibility in handling customer requests for exceptions.

Statistics are maintained as customers move through the product offers at several levels - at the member, series, and sequence levels, for example. You can analyze the success of the operations through on-line displays (at the BCLINQ workspace), through standard analysis reports, or through user-defined reports that you create.

The orders flow through the Product Order module and use the same inventoried items that are already sitting in your warehouse. The Book Club transactions ride along with your normal PRO business.

Offering a continuity series provides an additional revenue stream, and builds customer loyalty. All it takes is some set-up and perhaps some additional customer service. What's not to love about this? Talk to your ACS representative today about the Book Club module.

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