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JBJS Goes live on Advantage

Congratulations to The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery (JBJS) who is now live on Advantage and Cider ( after an implementation project spanning more than a year.

The primary focus of the project was Cider as that is what most people at JBJS use with only a few users regularly accessing the Advantage desktop application. Another unique aspect is that print subscriptions sold by JBJS are fulfilled by another AdvantageCS client, Wolters Kluwer Health, and customer service is shared between Wolters Kluwer Health and JBJS.

The company is headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts, and The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery has been a valued source of information for orthopaedic surgeons and researchers for over 125 years---their comprehensive archive dates back to 1889. Additional features online include: social sharing, instructional videos, podcasts and continuing medical education activities.

The project team at JBJS included:
Candy Shea – project manager
Mark Goldstein – product Owner/technical/web lead
Nysa Casha – data conversion/business lead
Mo Clark – finance lead
Bev Ouannass – customer service/marketing lead
Cory Nevins – Tech support/education
Rhonda McGee- Marketing
Marcia Tomaselli - Education
Michele DeVenuto - Marketing

The AdvantageCS team was led by Levi Hyssong, with major roles played by Eric Burbeck, Alan Cherney and Corey Mantel.

Congratulations to all those involved!

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