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Jobstream Accounting Period Alert

Advantage gives you the ability to create "jobstreams" -- sequences of processes or reports that you run on a regular basis and in a specific order.  To simplify scheduling of jobstreams, you can enter reschedule information when requesting your jobstream.

If the processes within your rescheduled jobstream use an accounting period set by environment variables, then you may run into issues with subsequent runs using an incorrect accounting period. You can find more information about this issue by reading Alert 261305 relating to rescheduled jobstreams.

You can review other alerts that affect your Advantage revision by logging into the ACS support website and using the Knowledge Base links at the left. Note that critical alerts are emailed directly to your inbox.

If you are not currently receiving email alerts, but would like to, simply send a request to asking to be added as an Advantage System Administrator for your company. For more information about alerts, please contact Angie Markel.

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