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John Moore; Engineer and Fire Fighter

In his five years at ACS, John Moore has made his mark on the software and in client support.  He was part of a team that rewrote MSTDAT/FAST and also worked on converting INVDAT into the new user interface style, which included implementing scripts there.  Although John has always been a member of the software development team led by Howie Brooks, he was tapped three years ago to enter the upgrade and support world in engineering. 

John is a key member of the team that works with Agora, Inc. He describes his role as alternating between fire fighter putting out fires, superhero solving issues, and whipping boy (although that happens very rarely). Agora's Daryl Berver has this to say about working with John: "John is great. He has been able to not only efficiently handle the engineering work on our ever-growing and increasingly complex account, but can also explain complicated GL\ARP transactions in layman's terms.  We are very lucky to have him on our account."

John grew up in Taylor, Michigan and attended the University Of Michigan, Dearborn, where he earned a degree in computer science.  After graduation, he worked for a time in technical support for Comcast, a local cable company, and that experience helped develop his customer service skills.  Then he spent time at Roush Manufacturing—in the automotive performance division, before joining ACS in 2005. 

Molly Mathe is the liaison between the clients and John in engineering.  She says:  "I love working with John!!! I know that even on the hardest tasks, his answers back to me will be easy to understand and relay back to the client.  And even on the hardest days, I can guarantee that he can get me to laugh."

John's sense of humor is visible in much of what he does.  For example, on the past few Halloween costume days at ACS, he has been a ninja called "Master Fast" (aka MSTDAT/FST), a knight called "CIR 210" and a prisoner with the number ARP378 (a direct debit process in Advantage). 

Other team members are also enthusiastic about John's abilities.  Analyst Doug Moore (no relation) comments:  "John is the ideal engineer and not just because he has an awesome last name! He is very diligent in his work, creative with solutions, and an excellent communicator."  

Although he enjoys the fast pace of his daily routine, John also likes the occasions when he gets to develop a large modification from start to finish. His overall knowledge of Advantage is impressive, and through recent projects with clients, he has developed proficiency in credit card processing and the Access management and Billing module functionality.

Supervisor Howie Brooks says:  "John's knowledge, persistence and attention to detail make him an invaluable member of the team.  He is constantly looking for ways in which our procedures and communication can be improved to help the client, and is always willing to go the extra mile for the client."

John lives in Belleville—in a condominium that has an "awesome view" of Belleville Lake.  In his leisure hours, John enjoys playing real-time competitive computer strategy games, such as Civilization, and spending time at his Isshin Ryu karate dojo, where he has earned his green belt.  John is also a youth leader at his church and works with middle school kids there.

With all his talents, we are happy that John practices his fire fighting and engineering skills here at ACS. 

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