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Journal Entries

No, I’m not talking about a personal diary. I’m talking accounting – everyone’s favorite subject. Read on though; you may be able to bring a smile to your organization’s accountant’s face.

Whenever a transaction has a financial effect, Advantage creates a journal entry. The journal entry includes debit and credit lines for all the accounts needed to record the financial effects of a transaction.  The Journal entry transfer file (MLGTGL-M) contains all of the journal entries created by the “revenue” modules – AMB, ARP, CIR, INV.

You can access the information in this file through:

  • the ARP580 report
  • the user-defined report/extract feature (MLG reporting category)
  • or the CDSTGL and CDSSGR views

Do you know about the CDSTGL and CDSSGR views?

CDSTGL is the General Ledger Transfer Detail view, which focuses on MLGTGL-M records. CDSSGR is the Sub Group Reconciliations view, which focuses on Sub Group records. (A Sub Group is Advantage’s name for a journal entry ID.)  Journal entry lines satisfying your criteria are listed at CDSTGL. Journal Entry IDs (sub-groups) can be viewed at CDSSGR. The standard search tool is available at each view.

The inquiry view at CDSSGR organizes information across tabs as shown below. (The inquiry view at CDSTGL does not include the sub-group details tab.)

The amounts on journal entry lines are typically summarized values. It is possible to log and view the detail from which a summary amount was determined through the Ledger Extract feature. When this feature is active (for a journal entry source) you can view the detail behind a journal entry line by inquiring on the journal entry line and then bringing up the Detail Extraction Data tab.

The CDSTGL and CDSSGR views provide the ability to dive into detail from a summarized entry. Showing that to your accountant should definitely make them smile.

Keep in mind that everyone uses the accounting journal entry information differently. If you are using Advantage’s MLG module, these records are deleted as they are moved into MLG (by the MLG405 process). You may have a similar process that extracts and reformats this information for transfer to a different financial application. That process may delete these entries or they may be retained.

You may want to check with your ACS account representative about how your organization uses the accounting journal entry information. Check out that Ledger Extract feature too.

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