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Keeping Up With Upgrades

In 2007, when I returned to ACS after pursuing graduate studies, the iPhone was a relatively new phenomenon and the iPad was little more than an idea on a drawing board.  Amazon also had yet to release the Kindle.  Now, all these products are central tools exploited by many publishers.  In less than four years, the worlds of publishing and marketing have undergone significant changes.  Publishers have increasingly been looking at how best to digitize their content, and then monetize that digital content.  They have re-oriented their marketing to reach consumers via new electronic means.  At the same time, in this world of digitization, some publishers have been successful at increasing print circulation, often through the use of innovative marketing to a core demographic through both print and digital avenues.

Advantage is also changing to keep pace and evolve to meet these new demands.  Advantage is a powerful tool that allows publishers to deliver content to consumers, analyze the sales of that content, connect with new prospects, and consequently market their products intelligently.  In order to take advantage of the thousands of development hours put into Advantage each year, however, it's essential to have a plan for regularly upgrading your Advantage software package.

ACS typically recommends that an upgrade be considered every year or two.  By upgrading on a regular basis, you can be assured that you will be receiving new features which will allow you to better market and deliver your content, as well as cutting overhead costs by doing these more efficiently.  Having a regular upgrade plan also makes each upgrade smoother and more cost effective.  Shorter intervals between upgrades ensure that your staff remains familiar with upgrade methodology and responsibilities, as well as providing a more manageable number of new features to implement.  As any circulation manager, marketing director, or head of IT can tell you, there are many projects and tasks competing for their time. Having a regularly scheduled upgrade ensures that everyone can plan accordingly and set aside time for the upgrade to occur at regular intervals.  This also ensures that upgrade responsibilities are manageable in addition to other obligations.

We complete 15-20 upgrade projects each year, and so have been able to develop a proven upgrade methodology to ensure efficient, well-managed upgrades. If you haven't already, why not talk to your ACS account manager today about setting up a regular schedule of upgrades? 

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