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Ken Nemerovski: An Advantage Icon

Ken Nemerovski Advantage iconKen Nemerovski—known to all as "Nemo"—has been a fixture at ACS since 1982.  Only four people predate him and, when it comes to remembering company history, he is unrivaled.  With his excellent memory for names, faces and dates, he is the go-to guy for information about the early days here.

Nemo has always worked in sales in some capacity, and even though he officially moved to the Client Services Division in 2006 as a Senior Account Manager, he still keeps his hand in the sales game, being responsible for selling additional software licenses and third-party products to ACS clients.  He manages third-party relationships for the company and also handles license compliance, monitoring usage for clients with such agreements.  He is the account manager for six ACS clients and is responsible for the overall relationship between ACS and each of them.

Peter Loftus, Circulation Business Manager at SRDS, has this to say about Ken:  "I have had the pleasure with working with Nemo for almost 15 years and have always appreciated working with him in several different areas.  Whether it would be modifying a Software License (for which he is a stickler for details), to his organization of the annual User Meetings in years past in Ann Arbor, to our colorful conversations about University of Texas versus University of Michigan college athletics, I have always enjoyed my relationship with Nemo."

Peter goes on to elaborate:  "Nemerovski is a funny last name with 10 letters so the following are 10 characteristics I believe describe Nemo best."

  • Friendly
  • Persistent
  • Candid
  • Cheerful
  • Reliable
  • Responsive
  • Devoted
  • Cooperative
  • Enthusiastic
  • Involved

Nemo revels in client contact and has made many lasting friendships.  Providing customer care and identifying sales strategies are two other aspects of his job that he enjoys.  Years ago, ACS also sold hardware and Nemo was responsible for that area.  Although ACS is not in the hardware business anymore, Ken still keeps up with the current hardware offerings and prices.   He has seen a lot of changes in his time at the company, especially in hardware and technology.  However, many of the people he deals with – both inside ACS and among clients – have been around a long time.

"I’ve known ‘Captain Nemo’ for over 20 years now and it’s been an honor to work with him," says Jose Garcia, who spent many years at Health Communications and is now with Agora.  "Ken has been everything from event organizer to showman to salesman at ACS.   He’s performed all his responsibilities respectfully and always with a smile.  My favorite lines from him are ‘You wanna pay how much for that?’ and ‘You know, I have to make a living, too’.   Cheers to Captain Nemo."

And Pat Sharpton, Manager of Business Information Services at God’s World Publications, has this to say:  "It's been a pleasure working with Ken over the years.  He does whatever possible to help us stay within our budget and encourages us to make full use of all the Advantage modules we've purchased.  Our entire staff always looks forward to his visits because he brings his good humor, the latest news about Advantage and always good lunches!"

A native of Wilmette, Illinois, near Chicago, Nemo came to Ann Arbor to attend the University of Michigan, which was the alma mater of both of his parents.  He earned his undergraduate degree in Communications, and he has lived in Michigan ever since.  His first full-time position was right at the university, where he worked as an Assistant Director of Recreational Sports.  He was in heaven in that position, as his love of sports is renowned.  While in that job, he took evening classes over several years and earned his MBA from the University of Michigan.  He then took a position as assistant director of admissions for the U of M Business School and did that for two years before coming to ACS (then T & B Computing) in 1982.  He has worked with many ACS’ers over the years.

Dan Heffernan, VP of Sales, is one of them.   "Nemo is one of the most reliable, organized, and experienced persons I know," says Dan.    "He has an infallible memory and has been in hundreds, if not thousands of situations and remembers each one.  Or at least it seems he does.  He is a fantastic resource for ideas and is never far from lightening up the moment with a one-liner.  His humor is legendary.  As a former boss of mine, I’ve always held Nemo in high esteem and would trust him with my life.  He’s a real professional."

Nemo’s one-liners flow seemingly effortlessly at company meetings and get-togethers.   He is rarely, if ever, at a loss for words and there aren’t many subjects that don’t provoke some sort of witticism.  Most of his puns inspire laughs and smiles, although there is the occasional groaner in there, too.     

Greg Stout, VP of Client Services, and Nemo’s current supervisor, is another who goes way back with Ken.  "Nemo and I have worked together for many years," says Greg.  "And it seems like he has a memory or story about each one of them.  His organizational skills, ownership of responsibility, attention to detail, and follow-through ensure that everything is done in a professional manner.  I very much appreciate the fresh perspective he often brings to challenging situations.   Nemo does everything with a sense of fairness, integrity, and personal attention that we all appreciate."

Fellow account manager Bob Thornton waxed poetical on his friend and coworker:

"Nemo is great.

He always works late.

He’s got the quickest wit.

Which I enjoy quite a bit.

The licenses, out they flow

From that notebook of Nemo.

So it should be easy to see,

Why I’m glad I work with Nemerovski." 

Bob goes on: "Nemo is a wonderful co-worker – one of the best organized people I know!  He is always more than helpful with whatever question is posed to him.  He is detailed, thorough and his emails are thoughtful and well-crafted.   And of course his sports knowledge is legendary – at least here at ACS."

Nemo lives in Ann Arbor, a whopping 2.6 miles from ACS headquarters.  He has four children, spread out all over the country and proudly notes that they all have advanced degrees.  The eldest, David, lives in La Jolla, California and is getting married this spring.  Peter and his wife have a three-year-old daughter and a newborn son, and live in Coral Gables, Florida.  Third son Brian is married and lives in Ann Arbor – the only one still close to home.  Daughter Christy and her husband live in Columbus, Ohio.

Nemo’s mother still lives in Chicago and he gets back to his hometown quite often to visit her.  He came by his love of sports in part from her, as she was always one to read the box scores in the newspaper and could quote the latest statistics for Chicago’s professional sports teams.

Tom Hathoot, CFO at Horizon Publishing, appreciates Nemo’s loyalty to his hometown teams.  "Anybody who is a Chicago Cub fan is alright in my book, but Nemo goes way past being just alright," says Tom.  "He has been a tremendous liaison between Horizon Publishing Company and ACS since he took over responsibility for our account.  He is both honest and trustworthy in our business dealings and a lot of fun away from work.  For purposes of full disclosure, I was not paid to write this but will expect a few more strokes on the golf course."   (Nemo:   Be warned!)

It’s clear to see that Nemo has had a hand in ACS’ success over the years.  In addition, he has enriched the lives of his coworkers – whom he calls "an outstanding group of very bright people" – and many clients.  We hope that Nemo will be here at ACS, throwing out his one-liners and brightening our days, for many more years to come.  Or at least until the Cubs win the World Series. 

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