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Let Advantage Handle Your Commissions Calculations

Do you pay commissions to agents or sales reps? If so, you know how complicated it can be to compute commissions payments. Why not let Advantage do it for you?

Advantage's Commissions Management (COM) module is integrated with the Circulation and Product Order modules, and allows you to automatically create commissions-due records for your sales representatives. These records can then be passed to an accounts payable system for the actual payout of the commissions. Using COM means that the payable commissions are calculated automatically, based on Advantage net order amounts.

The Commissions Management module offers maximum flexibility for structuring your commissions. You determine how often a sales rep earns commissions, and at what rate. The rep can be paid a percentage of the sale, a graduated amount per quantity (for example, $5.00 for every book on the order), or a flat rate. In addition, COM allows you to create a separate commissions-due record for the sales rep's supervisor (or sales associate). Because calculations of commissions are select-based, you can vary these formulas as much as desired---in essence, you can pay the rep a different commission amount for each type of order that she/he places for the customer. How you define "type of order" is completely up to you.

You can also build in an automatic escalation based on a quantity threshold---for example, you can increase the commission from $5.00 to $5.50 after 100 units of sales. Finally, you can enter manual commissions records as well. For example, you can enter a flat bonus amount for the rep that is not tied to any order activity in Advantage. These manual adjustments can be negative as well---for example, to correct an overpayment of commissions.

However you handle your Commissions payouts, and whatever rate structures you use, the Advantage Commissions Management module can eliminate the need for spreadsheets and calculations outside the system---reducing the time involved and the chances for error.

For more information on the Commissions Management module, contact your Advantage account manager or Ken Nemerovski.

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