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Levi Hyssong: Travailleur Exceptionnel

Levi started his career at ACS as an intern in the customer service division (CSD).  He was working on his degree in computer science from the University of Michigan at that time, and although he enjoyed programming, he did not want to do that full-time.  He thought that the job in CSD might be better suited to his skills and abilities than an engineering position, and he was right. 

As an intern, Levi worked in the Advantage Support Center, led by Ev Acton.  There, he began learning the software and becoming familiar with Advantage clients.  Upon graduation in the spring of 2007, he joined ACS full-time and moved to the Major Projects division under Tim Zapawa.

Levi's primary job in Major Projects is managing implementations of Advantage for new clients.  Since Levi speaks French, he is working as the project manager for Vidal, ACS' second French client, and also on mini-projects for Bayard Presse.  

Claire Baldeyrou, Vidal project manager, says that working with Levi is a pleasure.  "He is always in a good mood, very professional, and flexible.  He knows the product very well and is comforting as a project manager."  She goes on to say: "Levi makes great efforts to speak French with the team members who are not fluent in English, and the team really likes working with him."

Levi enjoys the travel and meeting new people aspects of his job.  Perhaps his favorite task is training new users on Advantage, because he finds it interesting to learn all the ways new clients use the software in their business.  He also looks forward to the data conversion facet of the job.  In his words, it's "nitty-gritty" work, with a nice sense of accomplishment when it's done.

"Levi learns incredibly fast, and surprises you with unsuspected skills, such as performing a full week of training in French," says Philippe van Mastrigt, ACS Director of European Operations.  Philippe goes on to say: "Whatever you send him, he always responds in a short time and just gets it done."

The days leading up to a project go-live are busy and stressful, but Levi relishes the excitement of a new client going live on Advantage.  It's a tremendous feeling of accomplishment that makes all the hard work worthwhile, he says.

Supervisor Tim Zapawa has nothing but praise for Levi:  "Levi deftly handles a wide array of projects and assignments.  In his short tenure at ACS, he's managed an upgrade, web, and implementation project, developed conversion programs and successfully converted a client from a legacy system to Advantage, and led several webinar and ACS training week sessions.  Levi has established himself to be a strong leader who really knows the Advantage application and the supporting database and reporting technologies.  I can always count on Levi to deliver high quality results even on the most challenging of assignments.

John Sheehy has this to say about his team coworker:  "Levi's wide range of technical and Advantage knowledge, willingness to help, and easygoing attitude make him a tremendous asset on the Projects Team. He's easily in my Top 5 for Advantage go-to resources."

Born in Ann Arbor, Levi actually grew up in the neighboring small town of Chelsea, Michigan.  He and his family also lived for two years in upstate New York during Levi's high school years, but they were homesick for Michigan and so moved back.  Levi currently lives in Ann Arbor and in his spare time enjoys running, cars, movies, and cooking.

Although he has always had an interest in computers and programming, Levi's first love was music.  He earned a degree in viola performance from U of M, in conjunction with the BS In computer science.  However, since professional musician jobs are hard to come by, Levi decided to earn his living using the computer science degree.  We at ACS—plus many of our clients—are glad he did.

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