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Liturgy Training Publications Goes Live on Advantage

Liturgy Training Publications (LTP), a not-for-profit agency of the Archdiocese of Chicago, recently went live on Advantage.  Chuck Lorenz served as the LTP project manager, aided by Deanna Keefe, and JohnThomas provided executive sponsorship.  The go-live date was set for early January to avoid LTP's busy season at yearend.

Eric Burbeck acted as the ACS project manager, directed by Mike MiklosovicBarbara Smith served as lead engineer and several others, including Angie Markel, Bill Pinard and Levi Hyssong provided assistance.

LTP publishes materials for use in Catholic churches, schools, and by Catholic individuals and families.  In addition to several magazines and journals LTP primarily publishes and distributes books. They market via direct mail, their website, Catholic bookstores, and leading e-commerce book websites.  LTP is the largest U.S. distributor of Spanish language titles in their niche.

Based in Chicago, LTP has an historic location in the Windy City.  Their office is in the old stockyards area, in a converted warehouse building, and they are both entertained and annoyed by the dozens of loud trains that pass close by all day long.

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