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Notes from the Digital Innovators Summit in Berlin

Mona Hidayet of AdvantageCS at the Digital Innovators Summit in Berlin.

If I were a composer in 2006 writing a score for a film called "Publishing is Going Digital---Sink or Swim," it would have sounded like a cacophonous mess.  Ride the time machine a decade to 2016, however, and the clatter has transformed into a series of rhythmic, agreeable tones that are the opening chords of a sweet melody.

Leaders of publishing companies as large as Hearst, as specialized as Refinery29, as business-savvy as Burda, as technological as Time Inc., as edgy as The Economist (yes, edgy), or as evolutionary as The New York Times each related their stories of how they have successfully moved their companies digitally out of the danger zone and into a bright future bursting with possibilities.

No two stories were the same, but all shared a common philosophy; embrace digital---its quick tempo and its vast offerings will allow you to go beyond the digital version of your print article (think video, dynamic offers, production studios and venture capitalism). And always tell a true, sincere story tailored to engage your reader.

So, while it's taken a decade to evolve from cacophony, a melody may progress to make a song and maybe one day, even a symphony. At least today, it sounds like sweet (digital) music to publishers’ ears.


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Mona Hidayet, AdvantageCS Director of Business Development, attended the Digital Innovators Summit in Berlin and sent this report from the AdvantageCS booth.

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