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Look How You Can Improve Your Business with Advantage Now!

We’ve been busy these past few months, even busier than usual. We’ve developed some exciting new things in Advantage intended to increase your revenue, delight your customers, and make your job easier!

--Do you offer any kind of membership to your audience? If so, check out the new Members Advantage module.  Members Advantage is a fully integrated solution for membership associations, including professional societies, alumni associations, charitable organizations, and clubs. It simplifies management of your organization with a member portal that steps a user through the membership application process, membership renewals, member self-service and payments. You can also provide special discounting on other products and offer external “third-party” benefits, and track such essential professional information as progress with continuing education credits, participation on committees, etc. And of course it’s backed by the proven, powerful platform of Advantage. Watch our quick Members Advantage video!

--Advantage now offers Browser-based Teleservices. Users (with the right security) can access the system outside of the desktop application, through a web URL to perform Teleservices activities, such as working call lists, performing callbacks, etc. Plus, there are special data and views just for sales managers. It’s a whole new user interface with better organization of the customer/call information.

--Managing agreement content just got easier with Synchronized Agreements. This feature tightly binds access points and subscriptions within their containing agreement, and strictly enforces date synchronization (particularly expires and renewals) based on the controlling agreement. Nearly all maintenance is performed at the agreement level, which causes the changes to flow down to the components in order to maintain the synchronization.

--Now, when you’re getting ready for an Advantage update, a new view (Quantum Upgrade View) permits you to upgrade individual tables in a controlled manner, prior to performing a full cutover to the update. This speeds up the whole process when it’s time to do the final cutover.

--Save time verifying credit card changes with the AMEX Cardrefresher. It’s AMEX’s version of a credit card account updater and allows you to request the latest available information (for example, new expire dates) for your customers’ American Express cards.

--Cut down on customer service calls with the new Unapplied Credits Processes for Autorenew.  For auto-charge accounts, you can now automatically use a customer’s unapplied credits before charging the credit card or direct debit bank account, thus avoiding an unhappy customer calling to see why their credit wasn’t used.

These Advantage features are either available now or will be soon. Contact your Advantage account manager for more information.

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