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Looking Upward & Onward

In these hard economic times, it's easy to think of reasons not to begin a new project. However, there are some very compelling reasons why right now is an excellent time to conduct an upgrade project. Upgrading to the latest revision of Advantage could not only increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs, but also improve customer service. In addition, implementing new features may well help you to generate additional sales. And when the economy improves, being ready to handle new business could be key to your success.

We at ACS can help you to determine if an upgrade makes good business sense for your company.

An Advantage upgrade project focuses on the delivery of a new software revision to your site. This delivery brings you:

  • New features ? all fully explained in the Release Notes

  • New industry standards ? such as credit card masking and encryption

  • Adaptations to new technologies ? operating systems, database, and web technology changes

  • Better efficiencies ? as evident in the new user interface to make the software more intuitive and user friendly and MSTDAT/FST to streamline order entry

  • Operational optimizations ? such as the new CDSREQ process request enhancements to more efficiently request and run reports, processes, and job streams

Reading the Release Notes is your key to understanding all the new features and enhancements. We make available a Release Notes 'Highlights' document that identifies the high-profile changes in the annual release and summarizes the feature for quick and easy reading. This document may be found on the client area of the ACS website, on the list of downloads.

Another key resource is your Account Manager?someone who is familiar with your business and can point you to those features that will make the biggest impact at your organization.

Change is inevitable. The business environment in the future will not be the same as it is today. By being on a regular upgrade schedule, you are assured that your organization has the most recent software, with the most effective tools possible to improve the efficiency of your operations. It positions you to be ready for change. You can anticipate new business segments and capitalize on that change in your business with a software package capable of identifying those opportunities, marketing to those customers, and handling those transactions. While change is inevitable, ACS' commitment to delivering updated software will remain steady.

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