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Making Merry in December

Cookie Decorating Contest


Holiday spirit was on display in abundance at AdvantageCS this December.

The month kicked off with a cookie decorating contest. If it didn't turn out like you envisioned, you could just eat the evidence. There was cold milk and hot chocolate to enjoy along with the entries.

Sock Exchange

Ten women participated in a sock exchange with each one bringing a pair of holiday socks filled with little treats and goodies. 


They were passed around the table either to the left or right by following directions from a special story. When they reached their final stopping place, everyone untied the ribbon and looked inside.  They found lots of candy and chocolate, ornaments, scented lotion, candles, nail polish, a manicure set and even a small bottle of champagne! 

Festive Apparel Day

Next up was Festive Apparel Day, a chance for employees to reach beyond just ugly sweaters and express their spirit in all sorts of ways. Of course, prizes were awarded and there were cookies to enjoy.

A potluck lunch the week before Christmas saw everyone making and sharing their favorite dishes and the food was awesome!

White Elephant Gift Exchange


The last event was the white elephant gift exchange. Participants brought new or unused wrapped gifts and then drew numbers. On your turn, you could choose an unopened gift or "steal" an opened one from someone else. The most unusual gifts included a singing Christmas tree, a duck ping pong ball target game, a slot machine bank and a wireless musical beanie.

Christmas Party

The annual Christmas party had great food, good conversation and the chance to win all sorts of prizes. Table competed against table in games such as identifying the quote and character from classic Christmas movies, transferring Christmas candy from one bowl to another using chopsticks and identifying objects in a Christmas stocking by feel (harder to do than it sounds!). A host of prize items such as movie passes and restaurant gift cards were raffled off and most people came away as winners. A good time was had by all. Party pictures are below.

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