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Managed Services from AdvantageCS

Over the decades that AdvantageCS has served the publishing industry, we’ve worked to offer software solutions that meet each of our clients’ individual needs. No two publishers require precisely the same solution. Through software modifications, customizations, and system options, we’ve adapted Advantage to match the continually changing requirements of publishers.

The same is true for the level of services that AdvantageCS provides to each of our clients. Sales and order processing can mean something different to publishers based on their size, their market (B2B, B2C), their location (US or European-based), or their area of publishing industry. For many of our clients, the nature of their sales and order processing is shifting by relying on AdvantageCS for greater system support, while still maintaining all the basic tenants of in-house processing, rather than contracting a service bureau.

Did you know that AdvantageCS is already providing your fellow Advantage users with services such as process monitoring, process error resolution, performance monitoring, onsite source code configuration and rotation, and application of 3rd party software updates? In 2014, AdvantageCS has also begun projects offering system administration in the areas of application of monthly Windows and SQL updates, managing back-ups and virus scans, running uploads, and implementing business continuity plans.

Keeping with the nature of the custom solutions that we provide, we’re able to offer a range of services from a select few of the services mentioned above to an entire suite of services. If you’re interested in exploring what other services AdvantageCS can provide for your company, please contact your AdvantageCS account manager.

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