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Matt Varblow Named Vice President

Matt Varblow has been promoted to vice president, engineering services. He reports to Dick Hile, vice president, product engineering, who states: "Matt's leadership -- both technical and organizational -- has been a key contributor to our progress in improving our product and our engineering services." In addition to managing the engineering services teams, Matt is still one of the chief software architects at AdvantageCS, helping to steer the application architecture as our software continues to evolve.

In his sixteen+ years at ACS, Matt has filled multiple key roles. Before joining AdvantageCS permanently, Matt began working here during the summers when he was 14, helping out with configuration control.  Even at that time, Matt was an old hand at computer programming, having taught himself to program in BASIC around age 10.  Throughout high school and college, Matt worked at ACS full-time during the summers and part-time during the school year.  He helped in the development of multi-currency capability and worked in the IT department.  Matt went on his first client visit just after graduating from high school and the client had to pick him up at the airport because he wasn’t old enough to rent a car.   

In the early 90s, Matt was assigned to learn about that new-fangled web stuff and that became his major focus from then on. He created the first ACS website and was instrumental in the development of the Advantage Web module, API, and Cider (our eCommerce platform).

As part of the systems development team, Matt functioned as the product manager for the WEB module and provided training, consulting, and some development services to help clients implement it. In 2006, Matt was promoted to manager of the eCommerce and IT Integration group at ACS, which helps to integrate Advantage with client applications and websites.

Says Dan Heffernan, vice president, sales, marketing & product planning: “Matt has the right combination of technical knowledge, creativity, intelligence, dedication, and he’s a really great guy on top of all of that.  He’s always pleasant.  I love working with Matt because I know he wants to find new solutions and innovative ways of meeting our prospects and clients’ needs.  I don’t know how he manages it with a large family, but I’m pretty sure he never sleeps.” (Matt and his wife, Rachel, have six children, ranging in age from 3 to 17. Plus chickens, dogs, and chinchillas.)

In May 2014, Matt took responsibility for the engineering services and support groups.  And in June 2015, he was officially promoted to Vice President of Engineering Services, overseeing technical support, engineering consulting and implementations, product services and systems. 

Congratulations, Matt!

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