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Membership Module

Does your business include the ability for customers to become members of a club, group, society or other such organization? If so, the Membership (MBR) module may be right for you.

MBR allows you to manage one - or more - membership organizations, and administer related tasks such as dues collection, fulfillment of membership journals and newsletters, and participation in organizational activities (councils, discussion groups, etc.). Actually, any membership activity for which you charge a recurring fee can be set up as a participation element within the organization.

Users have a lot of flexibility in setting up the benefit-of-membership tables, where you define the benefits that a member receives. You might choose to base them on a certain level of membership or perhaps on a "trigger" purchase of another membership element. All fulfillment activity occurs through the Circulation module, whose extensive analysis reports can be used to track Membership promotion responses, renewal rates, etc.

Members are recorded within the Advantage customer file. A customer's presence within a membership organization begins with the member record, which has the flexibility to handle multiple types and levels of membership. You can set up user fields for entry of data elements needed by the membership organization.
A customer's involvement--his or her participation--within a membership organization is represented by publication codes within the Circulation module. This means you can track expiration dates and use the Circulation module's powerful renewal features.

Participation elements can be actual publications, which are fulfilled like any other journal/magazine. Or they can represent an activity for which the member is billed, but which don't involve specific fulfillment actions.
Tables within the Membership module allow you to establish participation rules that are checked during entry of a membership order. This gives you many options in your offer, such as:

  •  becoming a member means you automatically subscribe (as part of the membership fee) to the membership organization's publication,

or that members have a choice of benefit-of-membership elements, such as:

  • becoming a member gives you a choice of publications---for example "up to 3 pubs." You can vary the number and titles of these publications by membership level. For example, perhaps your Gold members are entitled to choose up to 3 premium publications, while your Silver members are entitled to choose up to 2.
Membership transactions are tightly integrated with other Advantage modules. Membership orders are entered within Master Order Entry (MST module). Certain changes to a customer's membership elements are made at the MSTDAT/SVC view, while a few specialized modification transactions occur at MBR-dedicated workspaces and views. Orders can be entered with payment, or billed through the Accounts Receivable module (ARP).
For more information about the MBR module, contact your Advantage Account Manager or Ken Nemerovski.

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