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Advantage Software: Multiple ARPCAR Applications

The ARPCAR view allows you to add payment by selecting an invoice with an amount remaining. By setting the ARP option DFPAYAMT to “Y” (available at 2014r1), the payment amount will default in based on the invoice’s amount due. With this option set to Y, you can also select multiple invoices and enter one payment to be applied across them. The steps involved are as follows:

  1. Set the ARP option DFPAYAMT to Y.
  2. From the ARPCAR list frame, select multiple invoices via keyboard controls (usually shift + click to select multiple invoices, ctrl + click to select a range of invoices).
  3. Invoke the Add Payment action, which will bring up a payment dialog box with the total amount due from the selected invoices defaulted in as the payment amount. The payment amount is open so it can be adjusted.
  4. Enter the payment as normal (check, credit card, etc.)

If the payment amount does not match the total amount due on the selected invoices (that is, you adjust the defaulted amount), Advantage will handle as follows:

  • Leave an unapplied credit on the payment if the payment amount > total amount due from the invoices.
  • Make applications in the order of invoice selection, if there is not enough payment.
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