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Mona Hidayet: A Technical People-Person

Mona has always had an aptitude for the technical and, at one time, she considered pursuing a graduate degree in MIS (Master of Information Systems).  This was right out of college as she started her first job, when the companyimplemented a CRM system and the project did not go smoothly.  Mona knew that there were better ways to run projects and she decided to go back to school and learn them.  She determined, however, that being a programmer wouldn't provide her with enough interaction with people and so opted to earn an MBA with a focus on information systems. 

After completing her undergraduate degree, Mona worked as an Opportunity Development Representative for a financial software company.  This experience helped her to hone her sales skills, as developing and working sales leads was the main focus of the job. She moved to ACS after two years there. 

Nearing her tenth year with ACS, Mona has worn many hats here.  She started out as an implementation specialist under Greg Stout in 2000, and learned Advantage by performing QA testing and "pounding" on the software to see how it would respond.  Mona really enjoyed that exercise and quickly picked up a lot of Advantage knowledge.  This held her in good stead when she began working on implementation projects for Massachusetts Medical Society, Mary Ann Liebert, and others.  Although Mona enjoyed working on implementation projects, she was fascinated when she witnessed her first sales demonstration and thought she would function well in the sales arena.  However, from installations she moved to account management, working under Bob Thornton's leadership on various accounts.  There, she did training—which she loves doing—and found out she had a flair for managing complex client accounts.  She took on Wolters Kluwer Health as a client and excelled at coordinating communication with--and services for--a multi-layered organization. 

Mona joined the sales team in 2007 after various members of the sales team witnessed several of Mona's presentations and thought she would be a great addition.  Mona was loath to give up the investment in her relationship with Wolters Kluwer, however, and so she retained responsibility for managing that account.

"I love working with Mona!" says Maureen Connors, Vice President of Fulfillment at Wolters Kluwer Health.  "Her in-depth understanding of the ACS product line; combined with her detailed knowledge of the publishing industry, makes her our go-to person for assistance in implementing our strategy.  Mona is readily available to help whenever needed and a pleasure to work with."

At ACS, Mona feels that she has the best of both worlds.  She likes the family atmosphere at ACS, and that it's a small dynamic yet flexible company, where each person can make their mark.  However, she gets to work with clients at some of the largest publishing companies in the world.

Her boss, Dan Heffernan has this to say about her: "Mona is an expert at navigating her way through large organizations to reach key decision makers.  She employs her excellent communication skills and Advantage knowledge to create rapport and win the trust of our prospects and clients.  She is energetic, creative and great fun to have on the team."

Mona enjoys working with the software and figuring out how to make it work best for each client.  Giving software presentations is another of her favorite things, although doing the detailed preparation that each one entails doesn't rank quite as high on her list.  Meeting new clients, getting to know them and figuring out how best to communicate and work with them is another enjoyable aspect of Mona's job.  She appreciates the fact that she has great confidence in the software she is representing and in the people she works with.  Her genuine enthusiasm makes it easier for her to communicate the benefits of Advantage.  "I couldn't sell something I didn't believe in," says Mona.

Colleague Corey Mantel admires Mona's poise:  "Mona is unflappable in demos; she always maintains her composure even when things go wrong.  She keeps her good humor, and she does a great job of seeing things from the point of view of her audience."

Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Mona attended nearby Eastern Michigan University, where she earned both her undergrad and graduate degrees.  She now lives in Birmingham with her husband, Amr, and they recently celebrated their first anniversary.  Together, they enjoy traveling and spending time with friends.  In her leisure time, Mona is a workout fanatic, with memberships at two gyms.  She is an avid "spinner" (stationary bicycling), and also enjoys dining out and photography.

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