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Monthly Invoiced Subscriptions

Molly Minute logoAs of 2011R1, a new method of handling CIR subscriptions---the Monthly Invoiced Subscriptions feature---is available. Monthly Invoiced Subscriptions are charged for the issues served---instead of the customer paying in advance for a specific number of issues.  A process (usually run at the end of the month) creates a charge for the customer for the issues received that month.

Order Entry

Monthly Invoiced subscriptions are identified by a special Subscription Class, M – Monthly Invoiced Subscriptions.  This is a type of perpetual subscription. The subscription continues this way until changed.  This is similar to a perpetual, but the subscription does not have to have a zero rate.

Monthly Invoiced Subscriptions require the use of auto-renewal chains, as set up at the CIRPUB/ARC view.  The Chain Type field is used to differentiate between R-Automatic Renewal and M-Monthly Invoiced subscriptions.


The CIR222 process is used to create an invoice and payment for M-type subscriptions.  This process uses the information in the issue fulfillment history table. The process tags the issues as billed.  All charges are rolled up to the bill-to customer.  CIR222 creates one invoice per bill-to customer for all their subs across all publications. The CIR222 process creates a payment for the invoice amount using the auto-charge information linked to the subscriptions involved.  This would be the case if the subscription was entered with a renewal flag of ‘C-Autocharge.’ If credit card or direct debit information linked to the subscription through the ‘C-Autocharge" renewal flag is invalid, then CIR222 logs the information on the processing summary report, but creates an invoice without a payment. Any other renewal flag value means that the customer is going to be billed for the issues received and send in payment.  No payment is generated by CIR222 in these cases.

  • Monthly invoiced subs are not included in expire base counts, but may count as a response.
  • The CIR411 report includes a category that separates out active monthly invoiced subs from the rest of the active subs (since the other active subs are split out by expire date).
  • The CIR412 and CIR432 reports include a category for active monthly invoiced subs.
  • Monthly invoiced subs cannot be selected for renewal by CIR340 nor can they be renewed (while active) via Advantage screens or uploads.

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