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More 2010R1 Highlights!

Advantage 2010R1 has tons of useful new features and functionality, including:

·         With this release, you can incorporate the following into your premium fulfillment flow: 1) you can send a premium set to the referring customer on the order (as opposed to either the bill-to or ship-to); and 2) you can impose a "lifetime maximum" on either premium sets or regular premiums?effectively limiting how many times a given customer may receive the premium set/regular premium on the current order, and across all orders going forward.

·         A customer service pop-up has been added to the Subscription Lookup dialog, which allows you to estimate the price of a subscription given the following input parameters: location, copies, delivery code, and optional promotion code and promotion choice.  The system returns the rate per copy, postage, tax, and total amount.  This can be a useful tool to answer "what would it cost?" questions from your customers.  A Web capsule is also available to allow you to present the same functionality on your website.

·         A search field has been added to Advantage filter dialogs.  Many of these dialogs consist of lengthy lists of fields, and the search tool can help you locate the fields you want quickly.  The search is applied to the field caption, actual field name, and field reference name.

·         A "customer permissions" feature is now available, which offers a greatly expanded alternative to the customer promote/do not promote flags.  The feature allows you to structure questionnaires for presentation either to reps at Advantage screens or customers online, which in turn will capture and store the customer responses in a dedicated table.  You can store separate permissions settings for the customer at any of several levels, such as publication, office, and company.  As with the ‘promote/do not promote flags,' the permission settings are available for selects and reporting to help you determine how the customer should (or should not) be promoted.  

·         The report viewer has been rewritten with this release.  Reports are now displayed in a print-preview-like dialog, with expanded tools such as zoom in/out, and on-the-fly resizing so that you can test the report appearance on different printer page sizes.

For more information on 10R1, contact your ACS Account Manager.

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