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More Fantastic Features in 10R3

Here are some highlights from 2010R3.

·         Usually, an SVCDAT search returns all addresses that satisfy the search criteria?this could be the default address, plus several others for the same customer.  You may wish to have the system display only the default address in situations such as this.  You can use a new option to turn this behavior on.  When the option is enabled, the search result will always be the default address (and only the default address) for any matching customers---regardless of which address the criteria actually matched on

·         A tab has been added at SVCDAT/CTM when viewing a customer record,  to establish links to documents you may need to retrieve for a customer.  The documents must already exist on the network; the Documents tab allows you to establish the links to these.

·         You can now configure Advantage to display the CIR subscriptions for a selected customer, as part of the SVCDAT search results display.  When the feature is enabled, a subscription list frame appears below the main results display at SVCDAT.

·         For credit cards, you can now control whether to prompt for the CSC (Credit Card Security) code during order entry, based on the control group response type.  For example, you would want to have the message displayed for phone orders, but not "heads-down" white mail order entry.

·         You can use the cycle-end multi-queue processing to split the process into separate queues in other to optimize processing.  Note that this is used for multiple queues for different publications (as opposed to splitting cycle-end across queues for a single publication.)  Previously, four additional processes (in addition to CIR410) were available: CIR41A through CIR41D.  Five additional processes have been added: CIR41F, CIR41G, CIR41H, CIR41J, and CIR41K.  These five new processes work identically to the existing A-D processes.

·         In addition to MSTDAT/PRO, the following Advantage views now offer the ability to search by the PO number: SVCDAT/CIR, MSTDAT/CEM, MSTDAT/MST, MSTDAT/AMB.

·         The Prodcut Order upload can now create new and renewal CIR subscription orders, based on the presence of specific input data: the upload file must contain a promotion and promotion choice that defines the details of the subscription to be created. Under these conditions, the Prodcut Order upload will create the CIR subscription (either new or renewal). 

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