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More Highlights of 2011R1

Here are some of the exciting new features in 2011R1.  Click on the "Read more" button for details and for even more information, contact your account manager.

·         Automatic emails to AMB participants

·         AMB items can use credit policies

·         Cancel/suspend direct debit from AMB

·         Monthly invoice option for subscriptions

·         List email event table


1.       You can now configure the system to send automatic e-mails to AMB agreement participants and administrators upon release of the agreement.  Previously, only administrator e-mails could be sent, and only for the first version of the agreement.  Now, you can send participants e-mails for the version at which they are added (for example, with login/password information).  Administrator e-mails can now optionally be sent every time a new version of the agreement is created.

2.       AMB items can now participate in the credit policy feature.  This feature allows you to set up specific terms for cancellations?for example, "full refund for 30 days, no refund thereafter."  Previously, CIR and PRO items could make use of credit policies; this has now been extended to AMB items.


3.       You can now set up direct debit rules to suspend or cancel AMB agreements and Conference participation, based on direct debit responses.  Such suspend/cancel handling was previously available for CIR subscriptions, but has been extended to AMB and CEM.

4.       CIR now offers a "monthly invoiced subscription" feature, which allows you to bill only for those issues that the customer actually received during a given month.  This feature works from the issue fulfillment table, and is used in lieu of billing the customer for an entire subscription up front; rather, the customer is billed (and pays) after the issues are delivered.

5.       A List E-mail event table now tracks and records changes to the LSTEML-M table.  This table records when a customer moves onto (or off of) a list at a given e-mail address, and therefore can provide a trail of on's and off's for the list.

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