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Motor Information Launches Crash Online - Goes Live on AMB

Motor Information Systems, a Hearst Company, recently celebrated the successful launch of Crash Online?a database of repair estimate information on specific car models, which is used by collision shops to estimate repair costs. Previously, the data had been provided via quarterly print directories, which were time-consuming to update and costly to print and mail. Housing it online is much more efficient, and that is just the sort of application for which the Access Management and Billing (AMB) module of Advantage was created.

MOTOR purchased the Advantage AMB module to handle the authentication of customers and manage billing and accounts receivable for the database customers. A large benefit of using AMB is its integration with the rest of the system. The previous method involved several disparate systems requiring manual updating.

Along with the CRASH database, MOTOR also converted the rest of their E-Tech products, including such things as wiring diagrams, heavy truck products and technical service bulletins. Motor's Jay Goklani and Nilesh Acharya spearheaded the effort to combine the E-Tech family of products using AMB. Their efforts paid off, as there were no unanticipated issues at go-live.

"This was a huge undertaking by both Jay and Nilesh," said Todd Ladson, Motor's Director of Finance, as he announced the launch. "Both of them worked extremely hard at combining both the E-Tech family of products along with Advantage's Access Management module, creating a very robust application for our customers."

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