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Motor Information Systems Has Advantage Under the Hood

MOTOR Information Systems is the world's premier supplier of automotive data.  In business since 1903, MOTOR has compiled a vast knowledge base - most of which is categorized by year, make, model, engine, VIN and AAIA vehicle classification. The company provides millions of data points to its customers, which include software and/or interactive developers who need automotive data to drive their end user applications, business owners who need parts and labor data for accurate repair estimating and technicians who need the most current automotive reference materials to diagnose and repair any vehicle that comes into their shop.

It's no surprise that the methods of compiling and then distributing that data have changed drastically since the company's origins more than 100 years ago. What once involved laborious manual efforts and large amounts of printed and bound pages, is now updated continuously and distributed electronically in an instant.

MOTOR came to Advantage in 2001, looking for more extensive web capability, better analysis and reports and greater system integration.  They went live on Advantage in 2002, and recently celebrated the successful launch of Crash Online—a database of information on specific car models, which is used by collision shops to estimate repair costs.  Previously, the data had been provided via quarterly print directories, which were costly to print and mail. Housing it online is much more efficient, and that is just the sort of application for which the Access Management and Billing (AMB) module of Advantage was created.

MOTOR purchased the Advantage AMB module to handle the authentication of customers and manage billing and accounts receivable for its database customers.  A large benefit of using AMB is its integration with the rest of the system. The previous method involved several disparate systems requiring manual updating. 

Along with the CRASH database, MOTOR also converted many other print products to their e-Tech platform, including such things as wiring diagrams, heavy truck repair information and technical service bulletins.

"Since bringing Advantage on board, our operation has come a long way.  Using Advantage has allowed MOTOR to integrate many parts of our business into a very interactive fulfillment system." says Todd Ladson, MOTOR's Director of Finance.  "Our team and the ACS people work together extremely well and we are pleased with the partnership, especially the relationship we developed with our Account Manager, Ken Darnell."  

Senior Account Manager Ken Darnell has worked with MOTOR since their original implementation.  "The staff at MOTOR has made it a priority to get the best use they can out of every Advantage feature," says Ken.  "Since their original implementation in 2001, they've added the Advertising Module in 2006, Royalty Module in 2008, and most recently, AMB in 2009. Each of these new modules went in smoothly and efficiently and filled a real need.  It's been a pleasure working with Todd Ladson and his team.  They learn the system well and become extremely knowledgeable users."

MOTOR's Troy, Michigan headquarters, in the automotive capital of the world, employs more than 100 people.  MOTOR is owned by the Hearst Corporation.

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