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Dan's Blog: Multi-Product Brand Extension

Americans can be some of the laziest language users on earth, creating nicknames and abbreviations for everything from celebrities to common phrases.  Texting can be blamed for some of this, certainly, but it doesn't explain our penchant for cutting syllables out of our speech.  Furthermore, there are people texting all over the world who still take the time and effort to use lots of words in their speech to make their thoughts clear.  Being married to a native speaker of another language has provided an at-home testing platform for my claim.  Many other languages seem to require more words to express something that an American will use fewer words to express.  Is it because American English is so rich that we have a word for everything?  I don't think so.  There are many words in Spanish (concuño = my sister-in-law's husband), for example, that don't exist in English.

Having stated all that, we Americans also have an ironic knack for creating buzz-phrases that are long and clumsy.  3-word phrases still feel comfortable to say:  Customer Relationship Management & Runs Batted In, even though we tend to say CRM and RBI.  But 4-word phrases get long, and are more difficult to abbreviate without getting into acronyms.  Solution:  turn the first word into a prefix and bring your total back down to 3 words.  "Multi-product brand extension."

All very well, but what is multi-product brand extension?  Simply put, it is the extension of a brand into multiple products.  Like taking a flagship magazine and extending that brand into books, or a book-of-the-month series (think Time-Life), or a set of DVDs or a subscription to online content behind a paywall.  Advantage is technology that is multi-product in the extreme, supporting subscriptions to digital content, services, journals, magazines, newspapers, and newsletters and all of their print counterparts; downloads, pay-per-view, memberships, standing orders, continuity series, ebooks and books, merchandise, conference attendance, advertising, and donations.  It is the marketing tool of global companies expanding their brands.  It is the commerce engine propelling the growth of these companies' revenues. about a little experimentation?  Do you have the technology you need to expand your product horizons and find some new revenue streams?  Does your commerce engine provide enough flexibility for you to innovate?  Can you implement new pricing schemes that your marketing team dreams up without having to re-program your systems? 

If the word "no" is going through your head, we should talk.  We at AdvantageCS are also innovating.  We are creating new solutions to new problems to help companies succeed, and are meeting the needs of dozens of companies in the process. you have a brand you'd like to extend into new products?  Or at least try?  Advantage will allow you to try.  Let's talk about your thoughts and dreams and see where we can take the conversation, including not breaking the bank in the process.

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