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Need Help? Call on AdvantageCS

Who hasn’t found themselves with too much work and not enough people?  It’s a common scenario in today’s business climate.   The next time it happens to you, consider turning to ACS for help.  In addition to assisting with the typical Advantage-related tasks such as in-converting new publications, third-party integration projects, implementing new Advantage features, monitoring nightly processing, server configuration and fine-tuning, upgrade projects, testing and training, we have experts ready, willing and eager to help you with a host of additional tasks.       

Over the past few years, for example, ACS people have stepped in to work with our clients to manage projects that were not necessarily related to Advantage, perform web development when developers either left or were laid off, provide additional resources to a testing team, set up dozens of customer service letters, provide assistance in day to day renewal and promotion set up, and help with a myriad of post-go-live tasks.   We’ve also been called upon to perform business process automation, website design, general operations reviews, and testing and training plan development.

One client lost a key business analyst unexpectedly and ACS staff jumped in to figure out how various processes and reports had been set up and then streamline, automate and document them, working with the client team for nearly a year.

We’re here to do whatever it takes to help you.  If you have something that absolutely must get done but can’t spare the resources, contact your Advantage account manager and we’ll get you what you need. 

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