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Networking Opportunities Galore

Advantage Client Communities on LinkedIn and Message Board on Google+ 


Your fellow Advantage users are excellent sources for ideas, advice and even answers to your questions. Are you taking advantage of all the communication channels available to network with them?

If you're not already a member, take a minute now to join the Advantage Client Community on LinkedIn. It's a great networking tool and will put you in contact with other Advantage users from all over. For clients in Europe, you can join the European Advantage User Group.  Membership is restricted to people at client companies, but all members are free to comment or post topics.

The other great tool is the message board. You need to have a log-in to the support area of the AdvantageCS website (see your system administrator if you don’t have one) and then a Google account (free and easy to set up if you don’t already have one). To access the forum, simply click on the Message Board button under the User Group menu tab on the AdvantageCS website. This takes you to a Google groups page where you can apply for membership.

Besides questions, responses, and other messages between users, you will also see links to all the approved software modification specifications so you know what is in development.

Let us know if you there are topics you would like us to introduce, or any other ideas you may have for new ways to use these valuable resources.