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NEW! Business Intelligence Module

We are pleased to announce the latest Advantage module: Business Intelligence.  You've told us that people in your organization need to be able to get at the vast amount of data in Advantage; that they want meaningful reports, easily accessed and not requiring detailed technical knowledge or deep familiarity with Advantage.  We listened and the BI module is our response. BI offers you 3 main benefits:

  1. Meaningful Reports Rather than selecting reports and then running them, you simply go to a website to access reports which will include graphs, pivot tables you can modify and standard "canned" reports.  You can configure your home page to display specific reports of your choice at the time interval of your choice.  Reports include the analysis types you need—snapshot, historical and comparison; the subjects relevant to your business—marketing, financial and operational; and are geared for each user type you have—key performance indicators for strategic decision makers, summarized data for tactical decision makers, and access to detail for front-line decision makers.
  2. Organized & Accessible Data Your data is already organized for you for easy analysis, stored in a separate data mart.  The data is structured around the measures and dimensions you need and summarized data is efficiently presented.  There's no need for users to know field names or codes. You can access reports on demand via a SharePoint website, or they can be delivered via email.  Reports are also interactive so that users can explore combinations of dimensions, drill down to deep detail or jump to related reports.
  3. Industry-Standard  Solid Foundation The module uses advanced tools with broad acceptance.  These include Microsoft SQL Server, Integration Services, Analysis Services and Reporting Services, plus Excel.  These tools have been used to provide a suite of core reports with customization options involving web layout, custom data elements and new report development.

The BI module is in beta testing at both Kalmbach and Oakstone.

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