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New Employee: Virginie Motte

Virginie Mott

ACS is pleased to welcome Virginie Motte as a new employee.  She is working with Philippe van Mastrigt, Director of European Operations, and is based in Paris.  Currently, Virginie is providing operational support to Bayard Presse, assisting them with campaign and renewal set-up.  In addition, she is in charge of setting up and maintaining the French Translation of Advantage User Manuals.

 Virginie has worked at Bayard for the past two years, and handled fulfillment.  She also worked on the VPC project, converting to Advantage.  Prior to that, she worked in the supply chain, helping to implement sales forecast software, and also worked as a customer service manager for a subsidiary of company TOTAL, French main oil company. 

In joining ACS, Virginie says she is renewing the international link she had in her youth.   As a child, she lived in several countries (Denmark & Morocco) and as a young adult, studied abroad including some time in the United States. She has a degree in business, and speaks English, Spanish and Danish, plus a little Portuguese and Japanese.

Virginie lives in a suburb of Paris, with her husband and three children.  In her leisure time, she likes to go to South Britany, and enjoys sailing, playing sports and spending time with friends and family there.  She hopes to get more time to play tennis and her goal is to achieve a rating some day.

Welcome, Virginie! 

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