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New Feature Highlight: Call Center

Would you be surprised to know that 62% of organizations consider the customer experience provided through call centers as a key differentiator from their competition (Deloitte - 2013 Global Contact Center Survey)? Or that nearly 80% of survey respondents feel the call center is the single largest factor involved in defining the customer service experience (Executive Report on Customer Experience)?

There are many call center statistics pointing to a common conclusion: an organization's call center is critical to its success. Sounds simple, right? Well, if it was that easy, then you wouldn't have 86% of people willing to pay for better service and yet only 1% saying that organizations are meeting their expectations (Forbes). A good call center provides quick, expert service to customers and builds customer loyalty translating to retention and an overall positive image. All of our clients use a call center to some degree, whether it be in-house or outsourced, 10 users or 300 users. With Advantage at the center of operations, the users need to be able to efficiently guide customers through the process. Additionally, call centers often experience high employee turnover, so new users need to be up and running quickly.

With 2014R1, we introduced a feature designed to streamline the order entry process: Call Center. We have provided a number of demos of this functionality, starting with our annual user conferences earlier this year, and the feedback has been great. One of our clients also has Call Center live in production operations at a large call center with fantastic results.

We improved the user interface and enhanced the telephony integration. The feature is actually a collection of 50+ smaller features--all targeted at assisting data entry operators. We also designed the features so that clients without a telephony integration can benefit from the enhancements.

Key features include:

  • Telephony workflows
  • Fully customizable scripts
  • Easy to use drag-n-drop features
  • Easier access to customer information for data quality
  • Tighter integration between telephony and promotions
  • Immediate generation of customer service letters when closing a call
  • An embedded interface reducing the number of dialog boxes a user must react to

And we're not done. We have plans to keep developing features with these core goals in mind: efficiency, flexibility, and usability.

Haven't seen Call Center yet and want a demo? Not sure if it's right for you? Contact your account manager and we'll get a meeting scheduled right away.

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