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New Features Available in the Third Quarter

These Advantage features are either available now or will be soon. Contact your Advantage account manager for more information.

  • Advantage Single Sign-On Solution: Advantage now offers a cloud-based SaaS solution for Single Sign-On. SSO is the concept used to describe a centralized access control system managing multiple, related applications requiring authentication. For example, you might have eCommerce sites, self-service portals, content sites on multiple platforms and mobile applications such as iPhone apps. Using SSO, your customers can consolidate access to these via a single set of login credentials.
  • Multi-language support for inventory items: You can now define multi-language variants for these fields on the inventory item record: 1) Title; 2) Full Title. When these variant values are present in the database, Advantage automatically uses them in column list displays, based on the session customer’s defined language. API support is likewise available to automatically display the translated values on your website.
  • Send to Excel: The right-click “Send To” action at all Advantage column list displays allows you to send the current selection (e.g., multiple rows, along with the column headers) to your clipboard. Functionality has been added to optionally send the selection directly to an Excel document, which Advantage automatically creates and opens when this action is invoked.
  • Authentication Types for Social Media Sites: The system now supports the creation of customer authentication records for use as external logins to the following social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google.
  • Send Premium Items to Content Access Participants: When you define a premium set in Advantage, you can specify the customer to which the individual premium item should be sent (based on the “triggering” order for the premium). Normally this is either the bill-to or ship-to customer on the triggering order. Advantage now supports sending the premium item to all agreement participants, if the triggering order is for content access.

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