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New Product Family Feature Explained

The Product Family feature enables you to link a printed title with an e-version of the same content.  This solves the problem of identifying the relevant content when it is published under different titles, or where different content is published under the same title or different translations.  It could also be used to represent the same on-going stream of content ? such as a serial.

Valid values are set up at the CDSVLU view under the keyword PROD-FAM.  Collective sales by Product Family are available through the SAL450 report.

 Here are examples of how this can be used.

? to identify on-line and print version of the same publication or title

? to identify additional language translations of the same work

? to designate an initial reference notebook and its serial updates

This feature will enable retail websites to accurately re-use reviews and subject classifications that apply to one publication on every other publication of the same work.  It will automatically group items of distinct works with their own individual titles that are part of the same content.

Standard identification codes that could be recorded in the Product Family field include the ISTC (International Standard Text Code) and the ISSN-L (International Standard Serial Number Linking Number).

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