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Ogden Publications, Inc. Goes Green

Ogden Publications, a consumer magazine publisher located in Topeka, Kansas, publishes magazines and books for people interested in self-sufficiency, sustainability, rural lifestyles and farm memorabilia.  Their magazine titles include Mother Earth News, Utne Reader, Natural Home, The Herb Companion, Grit, Capper's, Motorcycle Classics, Farm Collector, Gas Engine Magazine, and Good Things to Eat. The company also offers select products to its readers, including insurance and financial services.

Ogden is a company that practices what it preaches in its office building and publishing operations.  Their numerous green initiatives in recent years include installing solar tubes to supplement with natural light and eliminating artificial light where possible, providing designated carpool spaces, replacing all Styrofoam cups with glass mugs, providing each employee with recycling bins at their desk for paper, providing recycling bins throughout the office for aluminum cans, cardboard, chipboard, paper, plastic, steel and glass, and holding recycling drives for employees to bring in used home computers and tennis shoes to recycle.  Their magazines are printed on recycled paper using soy-based inks, and they use as little film and film processing as possible in production.  Plus, Ogden Publications has purchased 2.4 million kilowatt-hours of renewable energy credits, effectively offsetting 100 percent of its electricity usage.

Ogden became an Advantage client in 2001.  They were searching for a reliable system and a vendor that they could partner with for the long-term, and they found both with Advantage.  Account manager Ken Darnell has worked with the Ogden team on a number of projects and upgrades.  He says that Ogden played a significant role in helping the Advantage Web Module become what it is today.  "Ogden had a real vision for what they wanted their web sites to be for their customers," says Ken.  "They were well ahead of most publishers at the time and knew what they wanted in providing a web experience that was flexible and easy to use."

"Efficient database management is at the very heart of Ogden's business model," says Bryan Welch, Ogden's publisher.  "We believe our publishing business is migrating toward a model based on large and highly detailed databases of customers whose interests and passions are the driving force behind our enterprise. Obviously, our relationship with Advantage has been a key component in the development of our business."

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