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Order-Again Promotions

A customer subscribes to a journal or to content access.  Excellent!  This is the start of a relationship that has some built-in communication points.  These may include the initial invoicing, and at some point, renewal promotions will begin.  A subscription-based relationship has on-going touch-points where the client is involved with your content and continues to purchase access to it in different ways. Unfortunately, these automatic communication points haven't previously existed with product purchases.  Someone buys a book, you collect payment and send it and that relationship is over.  Well, not anymore!  You can now do the same sort of thing with product purchases as you can with subscriptions through the Order Again feature, which is based in the Product Sales Analysis module (SAL). Here's how it works: Ray buys something about tennis.  Great!  You have lots of items about tennis.  Or maybe you have an on-line offering related to the product they purchased.    The Order Again feature allows you to create a subscription-like record that you can execute a series of promotions against – similar to a renewal series.  The subscription-like record is called an Instance of a Product Summary ID.  You set up your series through an outlined set of select rules that identify the effort you want to produce – just like renewals.  If the customer responds and purchases, the Instance is updated to reflect that and you can continue the relationship with another series of efforts, as soon as you want. Excited?  OK, here is how you can go about designing your use of this feature.    1. What Product Summaries do you want to create?  You can set up a Product Summary for a specific product or group of products.    2. Which transactions do you want to involve with this?  You can control which customer types participate through a setting on the customer type record (CDSCTM/TYP).  The Product Summary record has a selection set that allows you to define more explicitly which transactions you want to move into an Order Again promotional series.    3. Finally, what would the series look like?  How many efforts?  When?  Mailed/emailed?  Promotional pitch?  Like billing or renewal efforts, you need to have an output formatting routine to produce the efforts. Include the SAL350 process in your regular processing schedule to keep the Instances up to date.  Include SAL380 in your end-of-month processing schedule to update monthly information on the Instances.  That's about it. See the Sales Analysis manual to read more. P.S.  A side benefit of Product Summaries is that you can show a rating for three of those Product Summaries for the customer when looking at their Customer Portrait.

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