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Order Inserts

You may wish to include promotional/informational material with certain of your inventory items.  For example, if someone buys a book on starting a business, you may wish to insert your catalog on small business products.  You may even wish or need to tie the shipment of the main inventory item to the availability and inclusion of the insertion--and have the main item go on backorder if the insertion is out of stock. The Order Inserts feature allows you to accomplish all of this.  Inclusion of the order inserts, which are created as separate Advantage inventory items, is based on rules that you maintain. 

System Option

This feature is activated by a system option, INSRTSEL.  This PRO-level option specifies the default (active) insert select set currently in use.  If this is blank, it is assumed that no order insert handling is in use. Only one Insert Select Set can be used at a time.

You can also specify the insert select to use for certain individual processes that can send out Order Inserts, at process request time.  The processes below include run-time options for Order Inserts selects.  If the run-time option is blank, the select identified in the INSRTSEL system option is used; if that is also blank, the Order Insert feature is not activated.

Processes that allow entry of an Order Insert select at run-time:

MST390 MST391 BCL360

Insert Assignment Rules

Each order-line is evaluated against your Insert Assignment Rules that are set up at the PROSEL workspace, as shown below:


This workspace allows you to set up an assignment structure that can have up to four levels with selection criteria at each level.  This workspace allows you to set up sophisticated assignment rules in the same way as other Advantage selects (e.g., the A/R billing selection and CIR renewal selection).

You can create assignment rules so that the inserts ship, for example, whenever the customer orders any product from a particular product class.  Or, alternatively, you can look at the customer's buying history and base assignment of the insertion on that.

At the lowest level, you indicate the Insert Set to use, as shown below.

In this example the CATALOG insert set is going to be used.  The order with order-lines falling into this lowest level would not be held if the insert item(s) is out of stock.  Nor would the insert item(s) be duplicated if they had already been assigned to an earlier order-line.

If an insert assignment set is set up to hold order lines and one or more insert items is unavailable, the order line is put on backorder and all other inserts for that order line are also put on backorder. The PRO360 – Backorder Fill process tracks and fills these backorders (main item + insert) when the insert becomes available. If rush-ship is requested for an item whose insert is out-of-stock (and the lowest level logic indicates that the order-line is to be held), a message is displayed stating that rush-ship for the item is not available.

If an order qualifies for two different insert assignment sets, each of which contain the same insert item, and one set allows duplicate items but the other one does not, the results will depend on the order in which the sets are processed.  If the set that allows duplicates is processed first, then the item is added once to the order.  If the set that does not allow duplicates is processed first, then the insert item is added twice.

Order Evaluation and Inventory Update

As orders are added at MSTDAT/OLN and MSTDAT/FST, the view routines query the order insert select logic to determine if order-lines for inserts need to be added to the order.  If so, these order-lines are automatically added by the system.

Inserts are always added with a quantity of 1, regardless of the quantity ordered for the main item.

The following order types do qualify for order inserts:

Invoiceable Gratis Preview

 The following order types do not qualify for order inserts:

Warehouse transfer Miscellaneous Proforma Credit (return)  Invoiceable order with postship = Y

These insert records may be viewed by Customer Service at the SVCDAT/OLN view…as they are included as separate lines directly on the order.

Insert items are marked with price source of 'INS', which can be seen at the MSTDAT/PRO and SVCDAT/OLN views during an Inquire function. 


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