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OrderStream: A Giant Step Forward for Uploads

Are you interested in a streamlined and unified way to import orders into Advantage and process them? A way to combine much of the functionality in the CIR125, PRO301, CEM125, and AMB125 Advantage uploads? How about the ability to create rules to automatically correct bad incoming data?

If so, OrderStream may be right for you. 

Available in the 2012r1 release of Advantage, OrderStream offers a new process to standardize and unify the various uploads in Advantage.  Many of the current upload transactions are now available through a standard Advantage XML schema. The newly developed process supports the wide variety of files and formats of data to be uploaded into Advantage. In addition, it supports various file locations, types, and formats.

OrderStream also solves the problem of a bad data condition you frequently encounter; for instance, an incorrect promotion code. If you know what promotion code should be used instead, OrderStream allows you to create a rule to automatically correct it. In order to handle the incoming data conditions, OrderStream allows you to define a set of rules and actions to correct these conditions. Better yet, for those one-off data conditions that you were not expecting, a new view is available to easily correct the incoming transactions and resubmit them for processing without holding up the current upload.

Contact your ACS representative to find out how OrderStream can be implemented to support and streamline your business transaction flow.

orderstream process flow

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