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Paul Sauter: Rising Star in Software Engineering

Paul Sauter is a second-generation software engineer who can barely remember a time when there wasn't a computer in his home. Still, when he entered the University of Michigan, he wasn't entirely sure what career he wanted to pursue. After just one or two computer engineering classes, however, his path became clear.

During college, Paul spent two summers as an intern at ACS and was offered a full-time position at graduation in the spring of 2005. Happily for ACS, he accepted. During the internships, Paul learned a great deal about Advantage and the publishing industry and he was able to really hit the ground running when he joined full-time.

He has been a part of the Product Development Group led by Howie Brooks since June 2005. Paul has developed modifications for clients such as Unity School, Wolters Kluwer Health, Palm Coast Data and Agora.

His supervisor, Howie Brooks, places high value on Paul's abilities: "Paul is great at working collaboratively as well as tackling large projects independently. He excels at thinking critically about a problem and evaluating multiple solutions, in addition to being great guy to work with." With a smile, Howie then adds: "He also puts up remarkably well with all the noise from my office!" (Paul's cubicle is right outside Howie's office, where the group discussions occasionally get a little loud.)

Paul appreciates the mix of small and large projects and the variety of tasks he is asked to work on. Several times, he has traveled to client sites to conduct training and enjoys getting to meet and interact with software users in person. His ideal assignment is to design something new from scratch, and with lots of leeway in the design allowing him to get creative. However, he understands that often, such leeway is not possible and that's okay with him, too. He also likes to problem-solve in the design area and undertake database design projects, plus he enjoys the occasional work with algorithms. (Yep, he's in the right job.)

Tara Rebak of Agora has this to say about him: "Paul is definitely one of my favorite engineers at ACS because he puts himself in the client's shoes when he's working on a project. His turnaround time for fixes on a mod or project is so quick that I've sometimes wondered if it could possibly be done so fast, but his work has been flawless."

Tara goes on to say: "He provides amazingly detailed documentation with configs and table references that require little, if any, explanation. I've had new projects come up recently and have requested that Paul be the engineer I work with, since it was such a pleasure working with him on our last project!"

A native of Ann Arbor, Paul currently lives in nearby Ypsilanti Township, with several housemates. When he isn't working, Paul's main focus is hockey. He plays three times a week and manages a team at a local ice rink. Hockey is a year-round hobby, but he also enjoys playing basketball, going bowling, playing pool and darts. And for those occasional times when he isn't on the go, he likes simply hanging out with friends.

Perhaps Paul channels any strong emotions he may have into those hockey games, because around the office, he has a reputation for always remaining calm. Dick Hile, VP Product Engineering, comments that: "When we wanted to experiment with a more iterative and 'agile' model for mod development, Paul was a natural choice for the project because of his quick grasp of different options and his unflappable demeanor."

Paul's coworkers are quick to compliment him. "Paul is great to work with. His ability to work with clients to understand their needs has been invaluable," says Scott Ghormley, of the account management team. "He is very professional and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the success of a project."

"I consider Paul to be an invaluable resource for development projects," says product analyst Doug Moore. "He is flexible with the client's needs, always on time, and willing to go the extra mile to make projects successful. Paul exceeds expectations."

Judging by what he has accomplished in just three and a half years at ACS, the expectation is that Paul's future at ACS is very bright.

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