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PayPal in Advantage

When was the last time you purchased something on a website that didnt offer PayPal as a checkout payment option? OK, not every website does, but that number gets fewer every day. Customers love the convenience of storing their payment details in one centralized place, along with the “non-proliferation of information” security that this affords.

Did you know that you can set up your Advantage-driven website to offer the PayPal payment option? Both the Advantage application and the Cider platform support the display, use, and storage of the elements of a PayPal transaction.

Here’s how it works.

In Advantage, a “Digital Wallet” payment type represents these various online payment options. PayPal is the first provider added under the Digital Wallet umbrella, and we will be adding support for other services, such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Amazon Pay, etc. Digital Wallet payments are supported through the API for website usage. Reps in the UI, for example, are blocked from seeing or using these type of payments. An additional allowed entry point is the OmniStream upload…for payments that have been taken through a website elsewhere, but need to be entered into Advantage.

A PayPal transaction is similar, in certain ways, to a credit card. That is, PayPal returns a transaction ID…in essence, a token…that is stored in Advantage. These IDs may be for 1-off transactions, or may be used on a recurring basis between Advantage and PayPal for autocharges (PayPal’s formats for the ID differs slightly between these two usages).

You can also set up an installment bill to be paid via PayPal.

Customer service views include visibility of the PayPal transaction ID…just as for check or credit card payments. If the payment was not settled at the time of the transaction (and was just authorized), a separate process does the settlement. Base Advantage reports that display payments by payment type (e.g, ‘DW’ for Digital Wallet) or payment code (e.g., ‘PAYPAL’) also fully include PayPal payments.

Offering customers additional ways to pay is always a good thing, right? So “check out” the newest addition to the family of Advantage website payment options. You can ask your ACS representative for additional information on the PayPal interface.

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