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Philippe Rowland – Hard Work and Laughter

Philippe Rowland

Mention Philippe Rowland and the first things people bring up are his ready smile and booming laugh.  That infectious laugh can be heard all across the ACS office space and you can't help but smile when you hear it.  But although Philippe does have a great sense of humor, he isn't all just fun and games.  His serious side comes out when he is given a project to manage and there is nothing he likes better than defining a new project and coming up with a plan to make it work.  Philippe enjoys gathering the project team and setting the expectations before diving in to the work.  He learns something from each project he tackles, because he says that each one is a little different.

"Working with Philippe on a regular basis for the last several years has enabled us to work more efficiently and productively," says Rita Cohen of Massachusetts Medical Society.  "Sometimes it is difficult not to consider Philippe an extension of our own internal ACS Core Team.  In addition to his being outstandingly professional, he also brings so much more to the table including being extremely knowledgeable of ACS, a great sense of humor,  and patience with his clients.  We value and greatly appreciate Philippe's efforts on MMS' behalf."

Philippe currently works in the Client Services division, under team leader Paul DesRosiers.  The team handles projects such as upgrades, new module installations and the like.  "Philippe has always been a great teammate," says Paul.  "I'm very impressed with his ability to work on many different projects while keeping them all in motion and their priorities straight.  Clients genuinely like working with him and often request his involvement on subsequent projects. He has a great attitude, a resounding laugh, and is always willing to help others." 

Philippe began his career with ACS on April 1st, 1999, which triggers a big grin and rollicking laughter as the significance of the April Fool's Day sinks in.  He started as a systems analyst in the implementations group and worked on several new client installations before joining the team focusing primarily on upgrades.  He has also spent time in the support center and done some account management.

"I've worked with Philippe on two upgrade projects and he is always courteous and professional," says Judy Bramlett of Boy Scouts of America.  "On several occasions we have put his patience to a test and he always prevails. "

Before coming to ACS, Philippe worked as a technical trainer for Microsoft technical certifications at New Horizons.  Prior to that, he worked at a former ACS client from the old T & B Computing days, JOBO Fototechnic, where he used Intact 50, the forerunner to Advantage.

Philippe grew up in South Bend, Indiana, as one of 8 children of a French mother and an English father.  As a result, he enjoys dual American and British citizenship.  Two of his siblings live in the United Kingdom, while the rest reside in the Midwest here in the USA.  Philippe attended Indiana University, earning a BS in physics and math.  He moved to Michigan after college because his family had moved here and after meeting his future wife in Ann Arbor, he decided to settle in the area.  He now lives in Chelsea, with his wife, Henriette and their four children: Marie, a poli-sci student at the University of Michigan, Anna, a nursing student at Hope College, Lukas, a high school senior and Olivia, a high school freshman.  

Most of Philippe's leisure time is spent in family activities, but he enjoys downhill skiing when he gets the opportunity.  He would like to travel all over the world, but knows that it will have to wait until the last of his brood is through with college.  However, Henriette is Austrian and she and Philippe and the kids visit her family there almost every summer. Philippe speaks French and a little German, as well as the language of laughter, which needs no translation.

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