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Advantage Software: New Features Coming Fourth Quarter 2015

Check out these new Advantage features.

These Advantage features are either available now or will be soon. Contact your Advantage account manager for more information.

  • Customer Service Workflows: A new feature at the main SVCCTM customer maintenance view allows you to perform extended customer service without needing to route to other Advantage views. This is useful in on-the-phone situations. You can, for example, perform subscription or agreement maintenance, review the customer’s A/R, and more. A special “retention” phase allows you to save cancellations by offering the customer special discounting, premiums, or credits. This feature uses the standard Advantage scripting functionality, allowing you to tailor the flow to the specific customer service situation.
  • Scriptable AMB Entry: AMB agreement entry and maintenance now supports the Advantage scripting feature. As with FST entry scripts or customer maintenance scripts, you can control the presentation of fields and phases, including the standard scripting features for hiding fields (or whole phases), requiring the entry of a field, customizing captions, etc. Agreement entry/maintenance continues to use the AMB pop-up dialog; however, the presentation and flow of the dialog is now much more flexible.
  • Select Set Unification: For ease of use, all select setup has been consolidated under the CDSSEL view. The former module-specific select setup views (e.g., ARPREG, CIRARN) have been removed. Entry and maintenance at CDSSEL occurs under a select set type (for example, ARP Regular Billing), which exposes the necessary interface for the type of select in question. Entry of selects, including lowest-level fields, has not changed. Rather, the location for all select addition and maintenance has been unified under CDSSEL.
  • Centralized Customer Activity View: A new view, SVCCTA, combines the fields and functions of the following customer service-oriented views: SVCCIR, PROPTX, AMBAGR, CEMREG. All information---including all tabs---available at these separate views are also available at SVCCTA. In addition to providing a single entry point for much of customer service, the SVCCTA view offers scripting ability for customizing the flow and appearance of the customer’s information.
  • Promotable Search Fields: At all Advantage views that use a smart search (i.e., a radio-button choice of “search by” fields), you can now move fields from the background filter forward to the main view. Any field on the filter at these views can be “promoted” in this way, allowing you to configure (at the user level) the available search fields. If you perform frequent searches that use one or more of the filter fields, this provides you a way to reduce the time needed for the search.

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