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Preview of Advantage Features Coming This Spring

There are some nifty new features coming in Advantage. Here are just a few--available in the spring of 2015. Contact your Advantage account manager for more information.

AMB Transaction History Tables: You can activate a feature to log history records (i.e., “events”) when AMB agreements are added, changed, or canceled. The feature uses workflow events, and can be used to create an event record when a new agreement version is added, a component is changed, a participant is removed, and so on. The resulting event records are viewable along with the other agreement information at Advantage customer service views.

User-defined Renewal Flag Values: Advantage allows you to define custom values for CIR and AMB renewal flags. Each user-defined value must map to one of the base Advantage renewal behaviors (renew, do not renew, autorenew, autorenew and autocharge). For example, you might want to set up two different kinds of Y – yes renewal flag values: one for “regular” yes customers, and another for customers who wish to autocharge but who have not yet provided payment information. You could then create a customer call list for the latter.

Update Billing Status for New Debits: Normally in Advantage, the billing statuses for CIR subscriptions and AMB agreements reflect the original order (debit) for the sub or agreement. For example, if the original order is paid up, the sub/agreement is marked paid and does not change…even if there is a subsequent billed adjustment transaction. You can now set a system option to reset the billing status relative to the status of all debits for the sub or agreement. Under this approach, a subscription’s billing status might be set to “Paid” when the original order is paid up, but then changed to “Billed” when there is a subsequent unpaid modification transaction. If and when the mod transaction is fully paid, the sub’s overall billing status would revert to paid.

Item and Price Code Qualification:  You can mark Advantage inventory items and/or price codes as available only to customers who meet certain qualification criteria as expressed in select logic. For price codes, you can define an alternate price code to be used by customers who do not meet the criteria. For example, you might offer member pricing for the car buying guide only to customers who have an active subscription to Cars Today. Customers who do not have an active subscription can be set up to revert to regular pricing.

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