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Preview of Advantage Features Coming This Summer (To a Theater Near You)

These Advantage features will be available in the summer of 2014. Contact your Advantage account manager for more information.

  • Back Up and Change Previous Phase in MSTFST: Previously, during MSTFST order entry you could not “revisit” a closed and committed entry phase (you were required instead to execute a Change Line once the order line was complete). This limitation has been relaxed, and you are now permitted to back up to earlier phases and make corrections. You thus have the freedom to jump ahead to future phases and/or return to previous phases, as needed. This is available only within certain parameters--for example, it is available only in Add mode, and your data entry layout must be using vertical/horizontal tabs or the expanding/collapsing sections.  
  • Earn AMB Income at Various Intervals: A new AMB “earning period” can be specified on access items, which allows the access item in question to earn AMB income at a different interval than the agreement’s overall service period. An example use would be for a maintenance fee access point that is to earn evenly over a 1-year period on an agreement that is otherwise perpetual and complimentary (and whose agreement-level service period is therefore NONE). Alternatively, you can specify an earning period of NONE to earn all of an access item’s income up front, while the other access items earn evenly over the agreement’s service period.
  • Automatically Include IMB: The Intelligent Mail Barcode is a USPS standard, the use of which qualifies the mailer for special automation pricing. In a previous release, Advantage added support for the IMB in address correction routines. More recently, ACS added the ability to configure your distribution processing to automatically construct and include the IMB in your distribution output. This involves some special setup in Advantage, after which normal CIRCDP cycle-end processing will populate your output with the IMB. (Inclusion of the IMB is not yet supported for back issue, renewal, or invoice output.)
  • Auto-add Customer to BCL: You can auto-add a customer to a BCL Book Club through the item choice feature. The item choice setup includes such fields as BCL club/class/series/step and shipment frequency to allow customers to be added when they order the indicated item under that item choice. With this release, the relevant BCL fields have been added directly to the item record. Customers can now be auto-added to BCL through the simple purchase of an item, irrespective of item choice.

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