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Preview of Advantage Features Coming This Summer

There are some exciting new features coming your way this summer in Advantage. Here are just a few--contact your Advantage account manager for more information.

  • Streamlined Customer Information Maintenance: Customer and address maintenance via the SVCCTM view and Customer Lookup dialog has been significantly enhanced. Replacing the static, tabbed entry dialog is an approach using Advantage scripts. You can reduce the entry fields to just those required for your business---as well as take advantage of other script entry features such as open/close/require, user-definable field captions, and customizable presentation.
  • ARPCAR Reorganization: The ARPCAR view has been changed from a list frame of credits and debits that satisfy your search criteria to top-pane list frame and bottom-pane tab book that displays information on the selected credit or debit. This reduces the number of clicks needed to access information, and also presents new information not previously available at this view (e.g., an Items Purchased tab that displays the Advantage item or items associated with the credit or debit in question).
  • AMB Package Migration: If you use AMB packages, you can now seamlessly migrate (i.e., upgrade or downgrade) the customer from one AMB package to another. You can vary the components---offering extra services with an upgrade---and/or set up special pricing as an incentive to the customer to upgrade. Downgrades are supported as well. This feature makes use of another new AMB feature---“package families.”
  • AMB “End of Service” Renewal:  You can use a new AMB renewal control to end the customer’s current service as part of the renewal transaction. This would allow you, for example, to immediately change the service period (while keeping the same components) or immediately change the component mix (rather than waiting for the current term to expire and changing them with the renewal). In both cases, since this is a renewal, the agreement ID is preserved.
  • Promotion Choice Package Setup:  Offering packages as promotion items can involve a lot of promotion choice setup. For each defined choice, Advantage requires separate records for every component, as well as the package header. A new “wizard” tool has been added to significantly simplify this setup. You can now set up module-specific choice information just once, and optionally copy it to every component in the package that shares that same source module.
  • Unit Package Allocation:  Ordinarily, unit packages carry the price on the package header, with all of the components being zero-priced. You can now use an allocation feature on the package setup to transfer the cost of the package from the header down to the components, using either a percentage or price allocation spread. During package explosion, the costs are allocated according to the setup.

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