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Preview of Some Advantage Features Coming This Fall

These are just some of the new Advantage features that will be available in the fall of 2015. Contact your Advantage account manager for more information.

  • Autocomplete Feature: An optional autocomplete feature is available (triggered at the user level), whereby Advantage will suggest values for validated fields based on what the user has typed in to that point.  Under this feature, the more the user types, the narrower the list of possible matches (the user can arrow up and down to see the possible matches). At any time, the user can stop and select one of the suggested values.
  • Separate “Promote by Phone” Flags: You can now expose and use separate “promote by” flags on each of the three telephone numbers on the customer address record. (The fourth telephone number field is dedicated to a fax number, which already has its own “promote by” indicator.) The existing address-level “promote by phone” flag that works across all three telephone numbers is still available. Or, you can gain granularity by using the new separate indicators.
  • Account Updater and “In-flight” Credit Card Transactions: For certain credit card vendors in Advantage, you can use the Account Updater feature to query the vendor for updated information---for example, when selected cards are nearing their expire dates. Previously the Account Updater feature did not attempt to update in-flight credit card transactions in ARPCCT-M. This meant that, if the payment was in a soft decline retry cycle, it ran the risk of resubmission using non-current information. Account Updater now also updates any ARPCCT-M records that are in a set of specific "in-flight" statuses.
  • Access Point Transfer Process: A new select-driven process---similar to CIR915---is available to move customers from one access point to another in a mass fashion. You can also run the process in cancel-only mode to remove the existing access point without replacing it. This process might be used when an access point is being phased out or “folded” into a different access point. You control how the cancel credit is handled, as well as the pricing structure for the new (“to”) access point.
  • Workflow Event Enhancements: Several enhancements have been added to the workflow event feature, including: 1) the CDSWFE (workflow events) and CDSWAS (workflow action states) views have been converted to multi-search, with “child” tables presented as tabs for ease of usage, and 2) you can now manually re-execute a workflow action from the UI via a right-click control, or use a new select-driven process for the re-execution.

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