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Problem Solving and Growth

From our inception, there has been an attitude at ACS which I’ll call “can-solve.” It means we go all-out to come up with innovative solutions to business challenges. Recently, I overheard an experienced business analyst explaining to a newer analyst out in the hallway late one Friday that “we can’t just leave this problem over the weekend for Monday. We need to take care of it. Not solving it is not an option around here.” I was struck by how eloquently the experienced ACS'er encapsulated our culture. We bend over backwards to help our clients. We take problem-solving very seriously, both professionally and personally. In fact, it’s that ACS “ownership” of the problem which our clients say makes them trust us and stay with us.

Forgive me for tooting our own horn a bit, but this “can-solve” culture is one of the differentiating characteristics of ACS. And I think it’s one of the many attributes of our company which helps to explain our growth over the last 3 years. We’ve grown by about 24% in employees since 2010 – a substantial number, especially where our headquarters is located (Michigan, USA). Why is demand up? Because our clients want us to develop more and more innovative and business-problem-solving functionality into the Advantage engine, enabling them to grow and to meet the ever-changing demands of their marketers and visionaries.

And that’s what we do. We spend about 90,000 hours a year on new development to Advantage, ever increasing its scope, reach, and application to changing business needs. The evolution of digital publishing has been reflected in our product development and our clients are using Advantage as the transactional engine to selling:

  • e-books
  • digital magazines
  • access to content
  • licenses
  • bundles of electronic and print products
  • collections

and the list goes on and on.

Our most forward-thinking clients realize that a customer’s purchase of an edition on a tablet needs to be tracked in Advantage in order to have one source of customer transactional information. Otherwise, marketing and customer service become next to impossible.

We will continue down the road of “eventing” over the coming months, continuing to enhance the structure we’ve built that allows for rule-based events and their resulting actions to be defined. This functionality has sweeping implications for integration with other applications and establishing workflows to streamline your business and improve efficiency.

We will also have a marketing forum this year to engage marketers in a conversation which will be sure to help define our roadmap for marketing development for the next 1-2 years. There will most certainly be an emphasis on mobile technology as publishing continues to move in that direction. The potential there is huge.

So if we’re already the engine in your business, you will continue to see improvements and new developments. If we’re not yet helping you run your business, please call us and let’s talk.

Until then, enjoy your spring, which hopefully has arrived wherever you live.

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