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Product Returns at SVCDAT/PRO


Customer Service Reps can enter applied returns directly at SVCDAT/PRO, which supports entering the return in a customer service situation without routing to MSTDAT/FST.

Once the user selects the order at SVCDAT/PRO, clicking the Applied Return button would start the return process. The following dialog would show:

The credit reason entered at this dialog will be used with each returned order line. You can override this credit reason if the Quick Return All option is not used.

You are also prompted whether you are performing a Return Authorization (Y/N). The default is N.

Quick Return All allows you to process the return quickly by returning all eligible lines on the order. The quick return assumes the following:

  • You do not need to override the default credit reason you have entered
  • You are returning all order lines
  • You do not need to vary the quantity returned on any of the order lines
  • You do not need to grant partial credit for any of the order lines

If you need to vary any of the above handling, do not check Quick Return All and click OK instead, and the system will prompt for further information. This dialog also lists previous returns and claims for the order lines. For orders with a lot of lines, you can enter the item# you want to return to go straight to that order line.

If you check the Partial Credit box, the following dialog is displayed (for each item on which you indicated partial credit). This is the same dialog that is displayed at MSTDAT/FST.

Applied returns entered at SVCDAT/PRO are entered into the last control group you opened, but only if it is currently in a closed status and no one else had opened the control group.  Otherwise, the Applied Return button at SVCDAT/PRO will be unavailable.

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