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Promotion Bundles

A new feature, promotion bundles, is available at 2017.5 and allows you to sell a group of items together under a promotion without setting up a package for them. The feature works with the combination of a promotion and promotion choices. When an item that is part of the bundle is ordered under the promotion and non-blank choice, all items on the promotion with the same choice value are automatically added to the order. Likewise, deleting one item from the order also deletes the other items with the same promotion choice.

To enable this feature, at the offer level in the setup dialog of the Promotion Items tab, set the Promotion Item Handling control to “Promotion Bundle.” This will then activate the feature across all items of the promotion. Turning this feature on will disallow blank promotion choices on the promotion.

Promotion bundles can contain products, agreements, memberships, and subscription items.

For example, there are 2 bundles in the promotion below – BNDL1 and BUNDLE:

Ordering any one of the three items in BNDL1 or BUNDLE will automatically add the other two items to the order. A bundle can be ordered multiple times on a single order, since each bundle is tracked under a separate Bundle ID. Because of this, removing a bundle line results in the removal of all lines in that bundle, and the other bundles are not removed.

This feature is supported through Advantage views and most uploads. API methods that add subscriptions, products, agreements, memberships, or conference/event order lines,  such as WebOrder and WebAgreement, are also capable of bundling.

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